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I.S.P.S. conducts management program through Distance Learning Mode (correspondence courses) and Online. I.S.P.S. aims to provide quality education in basic/specialized/advance areas of commerce, engineering, trade & management including Foreign Trade, Marketing, Sales, Tourism, Pharmaceutical Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Development, Software Marketing, Hospital Management, Drug Store Management, and Insurance Management etc.

At I.S.P.S., we believe in building foundation on a wide base of knowledge, which includes the elements of professional, subjective, practical and spiritual base. We believe that in today's competitive and fast changing environment, it is time of complete knowledge and efficiency. Our program is structured keeping in mind global business environment and international standards. In our academic program we are sworn to excellence. It is a passion shared equally by the institute's faculty, students, corporate sponsors and alumni. At this academic program we nurture leaders who shall be capable to shape the destiny of business organizations. This program shall train the students into becoming decision makers with social sensitivity and a broad strategic vision.


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Dream to create an environment conducive to experiential learning

"The illiterate of this century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn." - Alvin Toffler

At ISPS, we are deeply inspired by these words of this great American writer and futurist. Undoubtedly, being convinced of the need for a radical change in management education, we decided to tread the path that leads to corporate revolution.

Emerging unarticulated needs and realities need a new approach both in terms of thought as well as action. Cross disciplinary learning, discovering, scrutinizing, prototyping, learning to create and destroy-the mind's eye needs to be nurtured and differently so.

Our school has chosen the 'design thinking' approach towards management education. All our efforts and manifestations as a result stem from the integration of design thinking into management education.

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Learning & Course Benefits

The students enrolling into the ISPS Distance Learning Mode management programs are likely to get several learning benefits from each one of the subjects of the study. Each subject is given in depth coverage so that the candidates derive maximum benefits.

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Highly Personalised Courses

The ISPS management programs are more flexible, more innovative and much less expensive than the traditional, old pattern and long term programs of other Institutions. Through our short term integrated compact courses you save;

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